Narrabri Crane Services has been providing crane services to North West NSW since 1980, and in that time has amassed a versatile and quality fleet of modern cranes. With lift capacites ranging from 20 to 110 tonnes, Narrabri Crane Services can help you lift just about anything, from installing a pool in the backyard to heavy plant machinery in a mine.

With a range of cranes which includes slewing cranes, pick and carry cranes, and all-terrain cranes, Narrabri Crane Services are well equipped to service all industries, from mine shutdowns to powerline maintenance, and from pool and spa installation to accident recovery.

We supply crane services to the civil construction, electrical, plumbing, and gas industries. We service the government, industrial, residential, and commercial sectors.

Cranes are available for short and long term hire and are operated by a team of experienced, qualified, and ticketed operators and dogmen. Our operators have the knowledge and expertise to handle projects of any scale, and with their experience on past projects such as the Mollee Weir, Wilga Park Powerstation, and Essential Energy powerline maintenance, our team are flexible to the demands of your project.

Narrabri Cranes Services is a member of the Crane Industry Council of Australia, our crane operators are dedicated to providing safe and efficient service, and all our cranes are Crane Safe Certified.

Contact Narrabri Crane Services today to find out how their versatile range of cranes can assist you.

Narrabri Cane Services

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